Guest Ticket




Guest tickets enable a Member (Full or Associate) to fish with a friend or family member on some of our premier fisheries.
Guest tickets are available for Sheldons, East Stoke, Crankley and Winthorpe only on a “one member/one guest” basis – cost £6 dawn to dusk.
24 hour Guest tickets are available for Winthorpe only at a additional cost of £6. (£12 in total)
Guest tickets must be obtained in advance by Online from. They are not available to purchase on the bank.
The sponsoring Member will need to provide their current membership card (Full or Associate) when purchasing a Guest ticket.
Anglers on Guest tickets must, at all times, be accompanied by the sponsoring Member who will be held fully responsible for the behaviour of their Guest.


Please ensure this information is correctly entered in the form above.

  • Guests must be accompanied by their sponsoring Member (Full or Associate) at all times. Only one Guest per Member at any one time.
  • Your order receipt email is your Guest Ticket and you will need to produce this on request. Paper copy or on-mobile display accepted.
  • Bailiffs and Federation Members are authorised to request proof of ticket purchase from visiting anglers.
  • A guest can only fish with maximum of 2 fishing rods.
  • 24 hour Guest tickets are available for Winthorpe ONLY.
  • To be valid, your ticket (receipt) must show your name, your sponsor’s name and your sponsor’s membership number.