The following rules apply to all anglers fishing our waters be they members, day ticket holders or visiting for a match.
    • Anglers must not bring the Federation’s name into disrepute.
    • Anglers must not behave in a way that endangers the environment, wildlife, livestock, other water users or the general public.
    • Notices (permanent or temporary) and bailiff’s instructions must be followed at all times.
    • All anglers must be in possession of a current Fishing License in addition to their season card, guest or day ticket as appropriate.
    • Gates must be kept closed and locked unless advised to the contrary.
    • Gate/lock codes must not be shared with non-members.
    • Anglers must not obstruct footpaths and bridleways with any part of a vehicle or item of tackle.
    • No litter.
    • No fires. (Above-ground BBQs and camping hobs/stoves are permitted but must be supervised at all times and not left unattended).
    • Rods which are fishing (cast out) must not be left unattended
    • A maximum of 2 rods per angler to be used simultaneously.
    • No multi-hook rigs.
    • No fish to be removed or introduced.
    • No night fishing – except Winthorpe and Girton.
    • Except where night fishing is permitted, anglers must leave the fishery overnight – no bivvying-up for a dawn start etc.
    • Permitted fishing times are strictly Civil Dawn to Civil Dusk, except where night fishing is permitted or where fishery-specific rules are in place.
    • No pleasure fishing from pegs reserved for matches until after the weigh-in has been concluded.
    • No launching of or fishing from boats or kayaks of any type on Federation waters.
    • No fishing in locks or in close proximity to them and no fishing adjacent to Newark Castle.
    • No touring caravans though camper vans are permitted at e.g. Winthorpe subject to ground conditions.

      Barbel handling and retention

Pleasure Angling

    • All anglers must follow the Barbel Society handling code
    • In exceptional circumstances and for extended recovery only, a single Barbel may be retained in a keepnet for a requisite period – Under no circumstances are multiple fish to be retained
    • Weighing and photographing of Barbel is permitted but the fish must be returned to the water as quickly as possible – fish welfare is paramount


    • No more than 4 Barbel over 5lb to be retained
    • Keepnets must be pegged-out facing upstream
    • Additional Barbel over 5lb to be weighed and returned immediately