Great news!

Dear anglers, from today you can also buy our Day Tickets and Guest Tickets at Angling Direct in Farndon.
Please also remember to always check the current match calendar before arriving at the chosen venue.

Girton Access.

Please be aware,  there are ongoing issues down at Girton with access and the gate is now locked. So if you want to fish down there you will have to walk at least for a few weeks until these issues are sorted out.

Gate Opens

River Trent – Winthorpe
In advance of the new season starting at midnight on 16th June, please note the following in relation to our Winthorpe fishery:

  • Main gate opens 11 am on Saturday, 15th June
  • No entry before this time
  • Queue sensibly and don’t block the Fed or any other gates
  • No reservation of pegs
  • No fishing between pegs
  • No open fires – above ground BBQs and hobs etc. are ok – see rules page
  • 2 rods max per angler

Just to remind everyone that the first peg upstream of the bridge (peg43) is Crankley and is being used for all Crankley matches.

River Trent – Sheldons
Please do not enter to fishery before 6am (Sheldon’s only).

Tight Lines for the new season.