Gate Opens

River Trent – Winthorpe
In advance of the new season starting at midnight on 16th June, please note the following in relation to our Winthorpe fishery:

  • Main gate opens 11 am on Saturday, 15th June
  • No entry before this time
  • Queue sensibly and don’t block the Fed or any other gates
  • No reservation of pegs
  • No fishing between pegs
  • No open fires – above ground BBQs and hobs etc. are ok – see rules page
  • 2 rods max per angler

Just to remind everyone that the first peg upstream of the bridge (peg43) is Crankley and is being used for all Crankley matches.

River Trent – Sheldons
Please do not enter to fishery before 6am (Sheldon’s only).

Tight Lines for the new season.

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